Story Setting:The Kingdom of High Crest has been at relative peace. The last battle or war occurred at least 4 generations ago, and the present remains calm. The king, Nigel the Wise, is fair as previous generations have been, and relations with the kingdom of the south have been well. The south kingdom isn’t so much a kingdom as a republic, with their capital being Mirror City. King Nigel has a daughter, though not much is known about her. Common knowledge is that she is only 9 years old, her birthday is approaching in the comming months, her name is Rhea, and she is constantly accompanied by her Royal Guard, Asguard the Crimson Knight. In the approaching time of her birthday, King Nigel has increased security around his castle. The village with surounds the castle has been given limited access to the inner grounds of the castle where much business usually occurs. It was never unusual for the King to be overprotective of Rhea, but recent activities have been odd. People working for the king know that it was in high anticipation for Rhea’s upcoming birthday which King Nigel has been carefully planning. There is a harbor near the kingdom that allows more ships to come into the kingdom for trade purposes. The Kingdoms main source of income is mining minerals and growing rare herbs. There is only one ship available for the kingdom, and only the King is the one that may use it for diplomatic missions. When he is gone, the Royal Minister briefly takes over. The Minister currently is Donald Southland, and like a long line of advisors before him is known widely for his kindeness. The mountains bordering to the East don’t completely isolate High Crest, but there only a few routes in between.

Current Situation: There is an uproar in the kingdom. There were scattered reports about what’s going on, but it was confirmed with an official city wide shut down and royal notice. The Princess is missing, presumed kidnapped. Her guard is also missing, but it is unclear if he is the kidnapper or has been indisposed of. officials dismiss this notion because of how popular his fighting prowess has becomes, but considering how she slipped past both the castle and city guards it isn’t unlikely. Little information is really known. Parties may apply for group compensations and reward for retrieval of the princess. 5000 Gold coins is the reward, and any number of parties may apply for the reward. They may also ask for a Paladin, Warlord, or other city official to accompany them for additional information and assistance. The game will take place the day after the official notice has been sent out. Mercenaries, bandits, and many more of the like have a days lead on the party. It’s a game of sabatoge and deception as many of these groups will try to mislead other groups, and others just pretend to be looking for the princess, taking the opportunity to take out other adventurers and steal their loot. The authorities can’t properly handle these cases as King Nigel has put main priority on retrieving the princess. The party will not only have to worry about obtaining information, retrieving the princess, and competing with opposing parties, but also having to beat the royal guards to obtaining Princess Rhea.

Player Options: The DM is open to all player classes, builds, and races. There is no limitations on history or what players are limited to knowing besides information on the princess. This is more of an open world gameplay. The only requirement is that all players will start at High Crest Castle. All profiles will be passed through the DM for modifications, recommendations, additions to story elements, and figuring out ways for the party to come together.

Down To Gaia